Tara Aung Co., Ltd

IT SECURITY Professional Services

Systems and networks are under attack every day.

Cyber threats represent significant commercial risk. With such threats increasing in volume and complexity and information security expertise in short supply, many are vulnerable to breaches, downtime and non-compliance.

You don't have a dedicated IT team but your machines are connected to internet and you are concerned about internet security implications?  

Or you have a IT team but need help on the Security of your systems?  

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Overwhelmed by vendors all claiming they have the product that will do the trick? 

We are constantly evaluating products and vendors to find the best products. We can recommend the Industry Best Practices for your security needs.

We can help you to

  • Improve your monitoring and understanding of events in your network.
  • Gain insights on what your servers and workstations are doing that is going undetected.
  • Reduce malware and cyber intrusions with measurable results.

We can do security suite deployment, management, troubleshooting  and provide on going support maintenance issues to give you peace of mind about IT security issues.